Khamur IT Solutions is a temporary employment/permanent placement agency dedicated to the growth of your company. We free you from the hassles of human resource paperwork including applications, background checks, interviewing, payroll, and drug testing.

We provide both temporary and permanent employees to accommodate the employment needs of your business. You no longer need to worry about trial periods and human resource expenses associated with finding quality employees.

US Staffing Agency provides incentives to our workforce, producing reliable and highly productive employees. We also have training programs available to ensure their accountability to your company.

As a full-service staffing agency, US Staffing Agency professionals have the employment and human resource solutions you need to alleviate any doubt by finding suitable employees for your business. From HR Services, Job Testing and Training to Reporting and Tracking and Government Staffing. US Staffing Agency offers the tools, resources, and services designed to help your company meet its needs as an employer, its production goals, and much more.

Our staffing solutions include: